Wagging Tongues & Wagging Tails Go Out in the Midday Sun
Madeline Kalvos was much loved, respected and admired on the island of Zakynthos. When she died and left her estate to a long lost niece everyone was aghast. Helen Hardy, recently widowed, is shocked to discover the truth about her long, forgotten Aunt Maddie. A bizarre and watertight clause in the will instructs Helen to spend thirty days on Zakynthos. Join Helen and her ditzy friend Dotty as they land on the beautiful Ionian island and immerse themselves in the wonderful and often eccentric world of the Zakynthian animal lovers. Helen has just thirty days to make the most important decision of her life, with a few individuals, determined to chase her off the island, it certainly won’t be all wine and roses.
Markos Kalvos, a local vet, had adored his Uncles wife. As a young boy Madeline had taken him under her wing and financed his studies.  He already hates Helen Hardy with a passion. But he has no other choice than to meet her at the airport and guide her through the next thirty days. The hate soon turns to an unrequited love when he witnesses Helen risk her own safety to save three motherless pups. Helen, still raw from her husband’s strange and untimely death is not ready to love again…or is she?

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Coming Autumn 2016